It will change the material! will to transform the goods that have been purchased by coming to wear!

<< Change can range >>

If adding, goods: to the extent small two or three. If you could add the furniture, it can be about 1 point to 2 points. The window is also OK.

If scraping and goods: those equal range to cut a small small-window is small is possible. Such as changing the big furniture is difficult.

- The time difference seasonal difference added: okay. Please note that will be added to the Minikuru.

If over a wide range, such as snow difference there is also the case towards the draw down is cheap.

- Color change - dark → light color might be difficult. Pale color → is dark if OK. Such as also design additional wallpaper. Negotiable.

※ If you change significantly, there is a case where more of the draw down is not less expensive.

<< Material can be changed >>

Material itself will purchase.

Processing can be goods is limited to PSD non-integrated.

Once on top of the purchase PSD non-integrated data, confirms it on the contents, please ask.

<< Cost >>

◯ revision, color change, etc.

@ 3,000 by the change range from changes the price.

When too change the range is wide, there might be better to create new is not less expensive.

◯ time difference seasonal difference

As a condition to add to Minikuru, JPG integration 600, PSD non-integrated basic fee can be ordered at 3,000.

Irregular ones (thunder difference, etc.), please understand that it becomes to change thing treatment.

<< Quote and procedures >>

Please contact following up. We will quote.

Because of the nature of the material, because the delivery time of payment will be the base, please please acknowledge.

Even if attached to retake it does not have basic is accepted.

·Manufacture name

- Name of the person in charge

·Contact information

- Hope numbering of

- Hope of change