Use Policy & license

<Use Policy>

I am not doing abandoned owns, is in regard to the material of the right.

If you act We therefore corresponds to the "prohibition" of the following has been carried out and to be able to order the use ban of this product from our company.

"Prohibited matter"

① individual, regardless of the commercial, sales to duplicate this product also what reason as the material itself, we will ban any and all free of charge distribution.

Game, WEB, used as part of the material of the illustrations, distribution, to sell is not included in this.

② Whether or not applicable to the prohibitions in the act in other than the above prohibitions please contact us.


① We do not make any guarantee in regard bug that occurs for this product.

② quality and resolution in this product, return requests in the form, etc. does not respond.

③ failure or that have occurred in the use of this product, the responsibility for the accident

Our side does not assume any.

<With regard to the license>

① you related to your purchase data, ownership, copyright, distribution rights are the property of their and providing companies.

Regular purchaser of data (hereinafter, users) in grants you only the right to use the data.

Users can be processed and edited the data in third-party application software.

② users, you can use the data only the sound and video for the purpose of user individuals to production.

In this case, it does not question the presence or absence of work sales. It should be noted that, regardless of the presence or absence of processing and editing, provided by the Kuhn plant

It is used for the purpose of making the data of the same type of work (license free background library, etc.) is prohibited.

③ users, transfer a part or the whole of the data to third parties, exchange, sale, distribution, loan, or copy, on online

It has been forbidden to publish and use. This shall apply equally with respect to the trial data.

④ Regarding the secondary distribution of the system to provide a game tool, please contact us. For a fee, we will accept the consultation of the free license.

Standard: 1 infantile 10,000 yen about

If you have any questions or questions and requests, etc. for the license, please contact us.